Sweet Loretta Walks Off Double Time

Another walk off win, this time by the man hitting in front of Papi. Loretta has been the guy made for No. 2 hole, and tonight he showed it again with a key line drive to the wall. Congrats man!

Lester did well esp. after that rough first innings. Six innings give him a quality start, although no win but still kept the Sox in for a rally.

Timlin bothers me a bit. He seems to have lost him stuff and looks very hittable in July. The double and homer he gave up were hard hits and well-hit. So, is his age beginning to show, or does he need to get rest or should he readjust his mechanics and style?

Lowell too is having a bad couple of weeks. His average is dropping, and he needs to go back to No. 7 hole. Who should be No. 5? I’d give Wily Mo a shot or maybe Gonzo. We really lack a true No. 5 hitter with Tek struggling and out.

Well, it seems many rumours about Cleveland throwing the game. Who knows? It looks like such with Carmona striking out two and then hitting two. I just think Carmona is just too young for the spotlight.

All the wellness to the Quickenton family and the health of their baby.



  1. kayleexxx@aol.com

    That was a **** of a game!I was at it!LOretta made my night with that one!HOW THE **** so you hit 2 batters in a row though.Nice Blog.

  2. Thomas

    thanx kaylee. u can tell more ppl about it, i comment sometimes on brownie points.

    np bout language, i dont enforce it much, just dont want ppl cussin too much (even if about the yankees)

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