Got pitching?

Wells’ start tonight is very important. They need him to be back–he said he was ok on July 31, but the results sure did not show. I’ll give him another chance or two to show his stuff. We need a stable No. 4 guy before we can talk No. 5. UPDATE: he looks very good so far for two innings–economical and has good command.

Beckett still needs to learn how to PITCH not THROW the ball. I saw his pitches, their selection and location in the Cleveland game and it was a rookie playing toss. It’s up to Lopez and Beckett to realize, esp. Beckett, that you cannot just throw the ball by the batter, at least not in American League lineups.

Let’s go Sox! Yankees lost today to the O’s, so let’s get back to tie for first.

Quiz of Day (no peeking at stats!): Rank the following Sox pitchers’ World Series ERA in order, from lowest to highest: 1) Roger Clemens 2) Pedro Martinez 3) Babe Ruth 4) Smokey Joe Wood 5) Cy Young  (answers in next entry)



  1. Isaiah

    I have no idea about the quiz, but I’ll take a shot anyway.
    -Babe Ruth

    -Pedro Martinez

    -Roger Clemens

    -Smokey Joe Wood

    -Cy Young

    This is 90% guesswork.

    come check out my blog –

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