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Predictions for the divisions and wild card winners, considering the trades on paper:

1. New York – The trades will put them on top again, but it will be close and boil down to their pitching.
2. Boston (WC) – Not making a trade will put a lot of pressure on the kids, and gaping holes in rotation/bullpen.
3. Toronto – The lineup is a killer, but back end of rotation and bullpen will be their shortcoming.
4. Tampa Bay – Maddon’s kids might make waves by winning over 70 games, maybe…
5. Baltimore – It won’t get more wOeful for them.

1. Detroit – They are for real, fired up by Leyland and the young pitching will get them on top.
2. Minnesota – Santana and Liriano are lethal, but how ’bout the rest of them and the lineup that can punch and whimper?
3. Chicago – Pitching woes are too many for a homer happy and dirty mouthy South Side.
4. Cleveland – Disappointing year for a hopeful tribe of youngsters.
5. Kansas City – Decade rebuilding may be in the works. If it isn’t already.

1. Oakland – Wild wild one out west but their pitching will edge out.
2. Los Angeles – Close one but rotation problems, defence will lose them out.
3. Texas – Too many trades, too little pitching.
4. Seattle – An improvement over last, but still can’t get over hump.

1. New York – Chipper’s tears.
2. Florida – Joe Giraldi’s young sappy boys will shock and be the feel good story of the year.
3. Atlanta – More frustration and ejections from Bobby Cox.
4. Philadelphia – Rebuilding and unloading contracts all over.
5. Washington – Keeping Soriano?

1. St. Louis – All Hail Mighty Pujols.
2. Cincinnati (WC)- A Small Red Machine arises and bring them back to the playoffs for once.
3. Houston – A $106 million mistake, maybe $95 if Clemens is unloaded.
4. Milwaukee – Some winning seasons may be brewing.
5. Chicago – Bring the Cards back to Wrigley all season and maybe 2003 deja vu.
6. Pittburg – Thanks for hosting the All Star Game, for us it counts.

1. San Diego – Standing pat and the pitching will give them another finish, maybe a few above .500.
2. Los Angeles – Grady will have too many brain freezes, and there’s no Pedro-like pitcher.
3. Arizona – Too old and too young, and too stuck in the middle of it all.
4. San Francisco – Will Bonds be public enemy No. 1 in his own ballpark? If his average holds up.
5. Colorado – A few high peaks in first, but enjoy Coors delight in September.